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We ask our members to be aware of their surroundings and keep safe rowing in mind while on the river. The stretch of river between the GA-400 bridge to the Morgan Falls Dam is a very popular area for water recreation and can quickly become congested. In order to reduce the risk of incidents we require our members to review our safety guidelines and pass a series of Safety & Skills Reviews.

Row only in safe areas – refer to the river map (also in the boathouse). Row only on the starboard side of the river. Be aware of other users of the river, many of which do not know the idiosyncrasies of our sport (that we’re rowing backwards, for example) and follow very different traffic patterns.

If you are an inexperienced rower, an experienced rower or a coach should accompany you on the water.

Be sure to take drinking water with you to maintain a high fluid level. Sunscreens are a must from spring through fall.

While on the water, keep the noise level down so as not to disturb neighbors along the river. The National Park Service has noise level rules that must be respected – do not use amplified bullhorns.

Safety & Skills Reviews

In order to ensure the safety of our rowers and the longevity of our equipment, all Atlanta Rowing Club members are required to pass a series of Safety & Skills Reviews.

Water Conditions

Before you get on the water always be sure to check that the weather and water conditions are safe. Inclement weather such as fog, thunderstorms, and strong winds can increase the risk of an accident or injury. In addition, fast water speeds or low water levels can mean danger for you and your equipment.

Stuff happens…

First of all: consult the ARC’s ‘Safety Rules And Regulations’!

Know the river, know the obstacles – and look around often.

And most importantly:
stay in the proper rowing channels – always close to your starboard shore.


National Park Service:
Call Ranger Dispatch – 678-538-1273
or Ranger Sean Perchalski – 678-538-1267

Navigating the River

The stretch of the Chattahoochee River that spans from the GA-400 bridge to Morgan Falls dam has been praised as one of the most beautiful places to row by guests visiting from across the country and around the world.

Snaking through the hills of Georgia just north of Atlanta, there are several landmarks that we use to identify key points along the river. In addition, sediment can build up and create sand bars that change from season to season.

We share the river with several other rowing clubs as well as recreational users like kayakers, paddlers, fishermen, and stand up paddle boarders. In order to minimize collisions between rowers, all rowing clubs have adopted a starboard traffic pattern.

Throughout the course of river between GA-400 and Morgan Falls Dam there are areas in which it is important to slow down and be very aware of your surroundings. Amongst them are areas near the Atlanta Rowing Club dock and the Narrows.

Water Levels can vary greatly – the Morgan Falls site shows the current level (Gauge Height) at Morgan Falls, which is a good, but not perfect indication of the levels downstream of the ARC docks. The amount of the sand bar showing downstream of the island is a good indication of the downstream sandbar situation.