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Private Boat Storage Wait List

Private Boat Storage - Wait List

ARC maintains a waiting list for members wanting new rack space as well as members who want to change to a more preferred rack location (facility, aisle, or elevation). The allocation of rack space is handled by the Facilities and Equipment Committees. If you want your name added to the list, please indicate your preferences in the activity stream below.  Your name will be added to the official wait list in the order received.  Please be specific on whether this is a new request, or a request for an alternative location.

Members can express their interest for a certain storage location (UBH, LBH, Cage), a rack-elevation within a location (bottom, middle, top), or first-available.  As positions open, the wait-list will determine offers in a first in, first out (FIFO) right of refusal.  If someone on the list passes on an open rack because it is not quite right for them, their name will be maintained for a future opening.

Note:  Consideration will also be given to the level of volunteer hours/effort a member is returning to the club - we value the efforts are key givers!

Note:  You can help us!  We recognize that the rack height is key, and some tall rowers have low racks, while short rowers have high racks.  We are open to member exchanges, but ask that you let us know of the "trade".  Please be considerate of other members and make the offer if you can!

ARC Private Storage Wait List

Date Requested Member Name Location Requested
11-15-2020 Vickie Steine Email to Owens/Murphy requesting a better location than currently assigned in UBH
2-1-2021 Dixie Wilson Would like the option for a higher rack.
2-9-2021 Pat Coyle Looking to purchase a boat, and needs a rack
2-17-2021 Debbie Parker Looking for first-available "any safe location". Current LBH rack is too high.
2-21-2021 Carlos Ostrej Current rack is too high. Would prefer lower position
4-9-2021 Judy Kerr Email to Danielle, Currently unrigged behind UBH and will move to active rigged boat and need slot
4-9-2021 Robert Kerr Email to Danielle, Currently unrigged behind UBH and will move to active rigged boat and need slot
4-12-2021 Carlos Ostrej Email to Murphy, Moved to top rack which is too high. Would like a lower rack.
4-30-2021 Jeff Owens Current rack is high, and hard to extract boat. Would love opportunity to exchange.
7-7-2021 Sarah Baker Would like to have a new rack for a single
2-17-2022 Dan Van Dresser Looking to purchase a 2x, and would need a rack for it
3-31-2022 Lori Leigh Looking for a 2x rack.
4-4-2022 Sterling Lanken Looking for a 1x rack
5-25-2022 Michael Murphy Would like to get in line for a 1x

Members interested in consideration for a new rack, or to relocate their shell should post their interest below.  Only logged-in members can express interest - this is not a publicly editable web page.

Once you have posted your interest, an email is automatically sent to the page moderator so you can be added to the formal wait-list.

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