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National Learn to Row Day

The Registration "National Learn to Row Day" is not currently available.

National Learn to Row Day 2020


Registration for National Learn to Row Day 2020 has been suspended due to COVID-19.


Please check back in late SUMMER for updates.



Have you ever driven over the Chattahoochee or walked by the Atlanta Rowing Club boathouse and seen the rowers out on the river and wondered, how can I try that?  Every year the Atlanta Rowing Club opens its doors and offers short clinics for free as part of a Nationally coordinated Learn-to-Row day with the US Rowing Association! You can get an idea of what rowing is all about in about 2 hours. The Atlanta Rowing Club also offers formal Learn to Row classes if you want to learn more and join the club.

National Learn-to-Row day has been suspended due to COVID-19

What to expect from National Learn to Row Day?  Rowers from the Atlanta Rowing Club will take you through a series of stations to build your knowledge of the rowing stroke which culminates with a actual row at the end of the session.  We use a sequence that builds your skills quickly starting with a tour of the boathouse and information on the boats, oars, and basic commands used in the sport.  We follow that with a brief video on how to use the Erg -- the rowing machine that rowers use for training.  Then we head to the water for sculling training on dock rowers before finally heading out on the water in the "barge".  The "barge" is one of the best tools to allow new rowers to learn how to row in a very stable platform.  

The minimum age for participation is 14. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.


What To Wear? 

We recommend comfortable, but not baggy, clothes. Bring flexible shoes, gym shoes, etc. Sunscreen, sunglasses and water bottles are always a good idea. We may have to adjust the details of the program according to the conditions, but this is an outdoor sport and we will conduct the day in any weather except thunderstorms.

Quick Video Summary from National Learn-to-Row Day 2010.

More Info About National Learn-To-Row Day

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