Our section of rowable river starts at the GA-400 bridge that is upstream from the ARC boathouse and above the St. Andrews boathouse, as well. This can be a rather shady and breezy stretch of the river but beware of shallow areas and other recreational watercraft.

Due to the flow profile of the river, sandbars tend to grow along the inside/southern bank below the GA-400 bridge, along the inside/northern bank near the Riverside Park Overlook, and just above the Roswell Rd. bridge along the southern shore.

The stretch of river that spans from Roswell Rd. bridge to the eastern end of Azalea Park is a friendly neck of the woods for rowers who are just learning how to manage on the water. There are over 2000 meters of nearly straight water with few hazards when water levels are good. Beware, however, as this stretch is popular among other recreational watercraft and sandbars can ebb and flow with storms depending on the water depth.

Downstream from the Pavilion at the eastern end of Azalea Park is an open stretch of about 1000 meters of water that is flanked by sandbars that present obstacles on low water days.

Rounding the turn from the Foot Bridge along the Chattahoochee Nature Center and past the Willeo Park Fishing Pier is typically a peaceful row with open water. You may encounter a few recreational watercraft through here even on the busiest days and you are likely to see some wildlife including deer, blue heron, beavers, and turtles! Just past the Fishing Pier is a south-ward turn into the Narrows where you'll need to keep a keen eye out for other water-goers and make sure you steer to your STARBOARD shore to stay clear of other rowers!

Beware of sandbars that tend to build up on the inside of these turns as they can extend into the middle of the river and often catch tree limbs and stumps that can wreak total damage on our boats!

After passing the Narrows, you'll come up on a beautiful stretch of our river with minimal sandbars and gorgeous landscapes. Rowing past the Cliffs you'll likely notice some water-goers jumping from a rope swing or the houses that are delicately balanced on the cliff side.

While there are typically no sandbars in this area, you'll notice that high currents can generate eddies around the cliffs that might catch you off guard if you're not keeping your strokes relaxed!

The farthest stretch of rowable river is into Morgan Falls basin and Morgan Falls Dam. While the basin offers a generous turn radius for even 8+s and 4xs, silt from upstream can build up and tend to deposit sandbars in the middle of the basin and around the Dam. You should be particularly aware of sandbars along the inside/northern shore of the turn leading into the Morgan Falls Dam area.