We have 6 miles of rowable water spanning from the GA-400 bridge upstream from the ARC boathouse down to Morgan Falls Dam. There are three boathouses along the river: 1) St. Andrews/Georgia Tech, 2) Atlanta Juniors, and 3) Atlanta Rowing Club/GSU/Westminster.

In order to keep everyone navigating in a similar manner, we have identified several landmarks that span our entire stretch of river. Check the "Landmarks" tab to see them all and to see which ones are often used by coaches and members as common rendevous points.

Many of our members row based on distance. We've identified key landmarks and their distance from the ARC boathouse for your convenience -- check them out on the "Distances" tab.

While we are fortunate to be able to enjoy our river all year round, fluctuating water depths and flow rates create sandbars that are consistently changing. For more information about water conditions, click here.