Depending on the timing of releases at Buford Dam from Lake Lanier and Morgan Falls Dam from our stretch of the Chattahoochee River, the water depth can fluctuate from less than 3 ft. to more than 8 ft.! While the extremes of this range are generally unrowable, the topology of the river bed yields a variety of obstacles at different water levels.

From time to time, our members and other members of the rowing community provide feedback and updates about the locations and heights of different sandbars. If you notice that a sandbar has shifted or changed, please let us know at webmaster[at]

Landmark Water Depth Sandbar Description
GA-400 Bridge
Don White Memorial Park
St. Andrews Dock
Riverside Park Overlook
Roswell Rd. Bridge
317 mile marker
AJRA Dock/Roswell River Landing
Huntcliff Dock (Green)
Top of the Island
Bottom of the Island
ARC Dock
Concrete Boat Ramp
Nantahayla Outdoor Center
Azalea Park West Pavilion
Utility Pole
316 mile marker
Foot Bridge
Chattahoochee Nature Center (Canoe Rack)
A-Frame Structure
Exposed Boardwalk
Fishing Pier
Below the Narrows
Below the Cliffs
Middle of the Basin
Morgan Falls Park
Above the Dam
Morgan Falls Dam