The purpose of a Level 3 checkout is to demonstrate that a rower is vested in the sport, may be interested in competition, and is able to confidently and safely conduct themselves independently on and off the water as well as at a regatta.

Coaches will take into consideration the rower’s ability to scull confidently without close supervision and whether or not the member can safely participate in a regatta.

Level 3 checkouts are intended for members who wish to train regularly and show sound judgment of conduct on and off the water.

Level 3  Sculling Checkout Requirements


Properly carry the shell to the dock and set it in the water independently.


Demonstrate control when getting in the boat and pushing off the dock.


Steer to port and starboard while rowing.


Row in a steady line at a high rate and power.


Demonstrate the ability to row at a high rate/high power, low rate/high power, and low rate/low power while checking course.


Take 5 strokes and let the boat run for 5 seconds with your blades off the water at the finish.


Hold water to stop the shell, then back for at least 5 strokes.


Turn 360 degrees to port and starboard using both blades.


Complete a series of drills: 1) Rowing with your feet out of the shoes; 2) Pause drill at arms away; and, 3) Arms and back.
Coach can choose 2 or 3 drills that they feel need to be properly executed.


Execute a 5 stroke start with 5 high strokes.


Demonstrate stability while rowing and looking over your shoulder to check your course.


Adjust the foot stretchers while on the water.


Properly dock the single between two other shells (or objects). 
May use plastic chairs ~35 ft apart, laying on the dock with legs sticking out over the water.


Return the boat to the boathouse — pick it up out of the water, place it in slings, clean the shell, and put it in the boathouse or cage.


Remove the seat and replace it.


Loosen the tracks, then adjust and tighten them again.


Demonstrate that you can remove and replace the foot stretcher.


Demonstrate rigging and de-rigging the shell.


Place the single shell on the trailer and properly strap it down.


Answer at least 15 questions correctly on the written test.

Note: Items in red indicate new skills to be tested.