The purpose of a Level 1 checkout is to demonstrate that a rower has a basic knowledge of rowing skill, equipment, and an interest in the sport.

A member checked out for Level 1 sculling can expect to continue participating with coached programs to further their rowing skills toward a Level 2 checkout. After successfully completing a Level 1 checkout, a member can also take out Level 1 rowing equipment on their own.

Level 1  Sculling Checkout Requirements


Properly carry the shell to the dock and set it in the water.
If you are not able to carry it by yourself, then you must always have a helper


Demonstrate control when getting in the boat and pushing off the dock.


Row in a steady line at a low, steady rate with low power and demonstrate that you properly check your course.


Row in a steady line at a higher rate and power.


Hold water to stop the shell then back for at least 5 strokes.


Turn 360 degrees to port and starboard using both blades.


Demonstrate stability while rowing and looking over your shoulder to check your course.


Properly dock the shell.


Clean the shell and carefully put it away.


Remove the seat and replace it.


Loosen the tracks, then adjust and tighten them again.


Answer at least 5 questions correctly on the written test.