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Boat Storage

The Atlanta Rowing Club has a fixed amount of rack space available for boat storage.  Storage is prioritized for Club Boats, Member Private Boats and then 3rd Party Programs (schools, other clubs, etc.), and is reviewed annually in advance of the rack rental renewal cycle.  Additional consideration is given to members who are active volunteering with the club - true givers!

The "Atlanta Rowing Club Private Equipment Storage Policy", acknowledged in the ARC Registration process, takes precedence over other references to Private Boat Storage.  ARC reserves the right to update that document as needed.

Facility Capacity
Size Cage LBH UBH
1x 36 22 6
1x or 2x/+ 2 0 26
4x/+ 0 0 11
4x/+ or 8+ 0 0 6
Total 38 22 49

Racks are assigned based on a wait-list via a right of first refusal approach, and first-in/first-out methodology.  As racks become available, they will be offered to wait-list members in rank-order of the date requests were received.  If a member declines a rack position because it does not meet their requirements, it will be offered to the next member on the list, etc.

For more details, see below, and please reference the wait-list page for instructions on how to make your interest known to ARC.

ARC rack rental rates are established based on benchmarking other clubs, and are set to help offset the cost of maintaining safe boat storage.  ARC reserves the right to adjust Rack fees annually for the following rowing season. 

Premium Storage:  Racks that are located in the Upper Boathouse (UBH), Lower Boathouse (LBH) or Cage.

Trailer/Dedicated Racks:  This is a single unit cost and includes the ability for the renter to store shells on the Trailer or Rack (no extra boat fees).

* Upon request, and subject to availability, members may request consideration for additional storage, but the additional shells will be located in a less desirable rack to preserve premium rack locations for actively rowed shells.

** Special approval needed.  Larger boats are more challenging to rack and take up additional space, so must be approved by ARC.

*** Outside racks behind the UBH are reserved ARC fleet and for temporary storage for boat transition, not full-time storage.

Facility Storage 2021 Annual Fee 2022 Annual Fee 2023 Annual Fee 2024 Annual Fee
LBH LBH 1x Premium Rack $250 $350 $400 $435
LBH LBH 1x Standard Rack N/A N/A $350 $380
Cage Cage 1x Premium Rack $250 $350 $400 $435
Cage Cage 1x Standard Rack N/A N/A $350 $380
UBH UBH 1x Premium Rack $200 $300 $400 $435
UBH UBH 1x Standard Rack N/A N/A $350 $380
UBH UBH Outside Rack*** $175 N/A $350 $380
UBH 2x Standard Rack** $300 $600 $700 $760
UBH 4+/x Rack** $400 $800
UBH 8+ Rack** $675 $1,500
LBH Motor/Engine & Gas** $75 $200
LBH Launch Hull (licensed)** $50 $100
Grounds Trailer** $100 $3,000
Grounds Dedicated Outdoor Rack** $0 $3,000

The Registration "Boat Storage" is not currently available.

Atlanta Rowing Club members owning their own shells can store their shells in one of our boathouses on a space-available basis.  Storage will be prioritized for actively used rowing shells.  Members wishing to store a shell at the ARC boathouse should register and pay for their desired storage location. Storage fees apply on an annual basis.

Waiting Lists

We maintain waiting lists for both new rack space as well as for better rack space. The allocation of rack space is handled by the Private Equipment Committee on Storage (PECS). If you want to put your name on one of those lists, please register your interest in the Wait List page by adding a comment in the blog expressing your interest.

ARC Rack Storage Guidelines for Private Boat Storage

  • Racks rentals will be reviewed annually.  Inactive boats (see Boat Usage page) may be relocated, or members may be asked to reclaim their shell so we can repurpose the rack to sponsor active member rowing.
  • If a space is available in the location indicated on a registration form, the member can move their shell in immediately following confirmation from the Private Equipment Manager.
  • If a space is not available in the location indicated on a registration form, but there is space available in a location of lesser cost, a member may pay for the available storage location and move their shell into the available space until a location of their desired type becomes available. This space is considered occupied even if another member requests a storage location of the lesser cost.
  • Members must accept or refuse an assigned storage location within 72 hours of notice or the Private Equipment Manager may assign the spot to another member.
  • If no space is available in any location in the boathouse, all storage requests will be put on a wait list according to the location indicated on the registration form and the date that the request was received.
  • A member may not store a boat in a location of higher cost for any reason.
The terms of the wait lists are subject to review and approval of the ARC Board of Directors.

Private Oar Storage & Rules

Private blades may be stored at ARC with approval of the Club Manager. Private blades can be identified by the double red striping on the blade face. Some personal blades may also be painted with custom designs. ARC club blades will ALWAYS be painted with a single red stripe.