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ARC's Purpose


The purpose of the Atlanta Rowing Club is to be a non-profit organization formed and maintained to promote the sport of rowing. Started in 1974 by a small group of athletes to accommodate their need to row. Since then, the club has welcomed athletes from a diversity of backgrounds and a variety of interests.

"… to teach and train oarsmen and oarswomen without preference to race, creed, religion, or color."

As part of the organization’s mission to develop the sport of rowing, the Atlanta Rowing Club has helped to form local junior rowing clubs and collegiate rowing clubs. As the collegiate rowing community grew in the southeast, the Atlanta Rowing Club also organized the inaugural Southeastern Intercollegiate Rowing Association championship regatta at Stone Mountain Lake.

"… to develop the sport of rowing as an interscholastic and intercollegiate sport in the Atlanta metropolitan area."

In 1982, the Atlanta Rowing Club started what has become the nation’s second largest regatta, called the Head of the Hooch. Rivaled only by the Head of the Charles in size, the Hooch regatta hosts over 1200 boats every year in November. With over 9,000 seats racing in this two-day regatta, teams from across the nation gather to compete at all levels, including para-rowing. At home, our coached programs afford members of the Atlanta community both competitive and recreational teams.

… to provide the equitable means for both recreational and competitive rowing, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Atlanta Rowing Club is part of local and regional community groups dedicated to ensuring the safety and beauty of the Chattahoochee water shed. From water quality testing along tributaries to working with local water engineers, we look for avenues to help build a strong water recreation community in the Roswell, GA area. In addition, our participation with the national breast cancer fundraiser, Row for the Cure, as well as our support for adaptive rowing have helped to fulfill our mission.

"… to maintain the natural beauty and ecological balance of the Chattahoochee River and surrounding area; and, to provide a means for community and charitable involvement in the Atlanta metropolitan area."

As an organization based on volunteers, we depend on the efforts of our members in order to provide them with the facilities and equipment they need to pursue their rowing aspirations. It takes quite a few good souls willing to take time away from work, family and sundry projects to keep all those little (and some not so little…) things in place that allow everyone else in the club to enjoy their rowing. If you’re thinking of joining us (or if you already have…), we look forward to seeing you around the boathouse to row and to be a part of our community.

"It is hard to make the boat go as fast as you want. Rowers have to displace the amount of water equal to the weight of the oarsmen and the boat.
So is life. The problems you must overcome also support you and make you stronger in overcoming them."
George Pocock

The Atlanta Rowing Club is also the only rowing club in Atlanta for those beyond high school or college age. That means that, unlike some other cities where one can find rowing clubs with various objectives, we cover a wide spectrum of “rowing worlds” under a single roof.Our members have a great variety of rowing concepts and expectations, ranging from those who simply want to enjoy the serenity of the river while watching the ducks and the herons, to those who pursue the eternal search for bubbles under the hull, or even those who have national team aspirations. That has consequences for the equipment we need, the money we spend, and the skills and speeds we exhibit on the water, among other things – being patient, respectful and understanding with each other is the key to making this club work for all members.



Five officers, called the executive committee, are elected by the general membership in January of each year. Once elected, they approve committee chairs nominated by the President. The board meets once a month (see the calendar) and members are welcome to sit in on these meetings. If you would like to participate in the meeting and bring up a particular item, please send a request to president[at]

Club Goals

Our executive committee members set the tone and vision for the club each year.

Committee Oversight

Each Ex-Com member is in charge of overseeing and reporting on the operations of standing committees such as Coaching, Facilities, Membership, or Equipment.

Bryce Chung

Bryce Chung


  • Presiding over general and special membership and board meetings.
  • Recommending the chairpersons for standing committees and special committees for appointment and confirmation by the Executive Committee.
  • Interpreting the Bylaws and Rules of Order and settling disputes as to the meaning of the By-Laws and Rules of Order. Appeal of any interpretation by the President may be made in writing to the Board of Directors. A two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors will be necessary to overturn an interpretation by the President.
  • Representing the club in all official functions with the local community, the United States Rowing Association and with all individuals and organizations conducting business with the club.
  • Signing checks and making deposits of club funds in the absence of the Treasurer.
  • Serving as an ex-officio member on all standing and special committees.
  • Co-signing for the club’s bank accounts and safety deposit box, as may be required.
Debbie Brock

Debbie Brock


  • Presiding over all general and special membership and Board meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Presiding over standing or special committees as assigned by the President to ensure the committees’ objectives are met in accordance with Club policies and safety standards.

  • Overseeing Club operations pertaining to members and programs.

Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy


  • Presiding over all general and special membership and Board meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.
  • Providing support to committees as assigned by the President to ensure the committees’ objectives are met.
  • Overseeing Club operations pertaining to equipment and facilities.
Holly Bryman

Holly Bryman


  • Collecting initiation fees, mailing annual dues statements, in January each year, and collecting assessments and fines in a timely fashion according to the rules outlined in Article II.
  • Depositing all funds received in the club's checking or savings account.
  • Paying all obligations appropriately incurred by the club.
  • Maintaining the club's general financial records.
  • Preparing a monthly financial report and a detailed financial statement at the end of the calendar year showing as a minimum the current balance in the treasury, annual receivables, payables, short and long term debt obligations, to be presented to the Board (and available to any member upon request) at the end of the calendar year.
  • Developing an annual budget to be presented to the Board of Directors (and available to any member upon request) not later than March of each calendar year, including a comparison of the expenses of the expiring year to the expiring year’s budget.
  • Preparing a draft budget for the incoming Board upon change of officers.
  • Maintaining administration, correspondence, and signatures with banking institutions, lenders and the United States Rowing Association.
  • Co-signing for the club’s bank accounts and safety deposit box, as may be required.
Alice Kerber

Alice Kerber


  • Taking minutes of Board and General Membership meetings. Minutes of Board and General meetings shall be recorded and filed. A copy of minutes shall be made available to any member upon request.
  • Maintaining a copy of records, documents and correspondence sent or received by the club during the calendar year, except as otherwise required by the Treasurer.
  • Corresponding with members, other clubs, the United States Rowing Association, community groups and other interested parties and individuals on matters of club business and activities, except as otherwise required by the Treasurer.
  • Insuring the availability of waiver of liability forms, and maintaining other similar documentation utilized in the regular activities of the club.
  • Co-signing for the club’s bank accounts and safety deposit box, as may be required.
  • Informing the Board and the general membership of meeting dates.
  • Communicating news, promotional activities and up-dates to members, press and external stakeholders, using such vehicles as the newsletter (The Catch),  the web site,  Facebook and press releases.


Emily Maxwell

Emily Maxwell


  • Reports to the Club President and coordinates with the First and Second Vice Presidents.
  • Assists the board with day-to-day operations of the club 
  • Coordinates club programs, equipment, and facilities
  • Provides support for the club's web portals
  • Performs minor maintenance on equipment and facilities

In addition to the five elected officers of the club, the voting board includes several committee chairs that coordinate volunteers for projects around the club

Committee Chairs


Committee Chairs help to run the Atlanta Rowing Club on a day-to-day basis and sit on the board as voting members. Each committee chair can recruit other members to fulfill their responsibilities. Volunteers are at the core of our club and we encourage members to make part of the boathouse their own by participating on one of the committees. Beyond the board, committee chairs, and committee members our rowers can also support the club by volunteering for projects found here.

Richard Kopelman

Richard Kopelman


This committee is chaired by a member of the club who is a licensed attorney and is responsible for advising the Board with respect to all legal matters; preparing and reviewing legal documents; insuring compliance with record keeping and documentation.

Jenny Cater

Jenny Cater


This person is the liaison between ARC and the Hooch Organizing Committee in coordinating the annual Head of the Hooch regatta. As the nation’s second largest fall regatta hosting over 2,000 entries, this collaboration includes volunteers from the Atlanta Rowing Club (Atlanta, GA), Lookout Rowing Club (Chattanooga, TN), the City of Chattanooga, and other individuals from the rowing community.

Mark Ribbens

Mark Ribbens


This committee is responsible for long and short term planning related to club sustainability, community engagement  and facilities.

Danielle Evangelista

Danielle Evangelista


This committee is responsible for maintaining online membership records for payment and general information as well as processing of new membership applications.

Jeff Barnett

Jeff Barnett


This committee is responsible for keeping the rowing equipment in good and functioning condition; making recommendations on purchases and disposal of equipment; repairing broken equipment; maintaining an inventory and maintenance log of club equipment.

Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy


The facilities committee chair manages and maintains club facilities including: upper boathouse, lower boathouse, the cage, and club properties. Specific committee positions may include: landscaping, kitchen upkeep, toiletries, and technology.

Jenn Wood

Jenn Wood


This committee is responsible for developing and coordinating all club social functions, including the annual awards banquet.

Clayton Whitfield

Clayton Whitfield


This committee assists in the development of an annual budget to be presented to the Treasurer and the Board (and available to any member upon request) not later than November 30 each year, including a comparison of expenses of the expiring year to the expiring year’s budget.

Maintaining an outlook of financial performance of the Club.

Planning and executing fundraising campaigns when deemed appropriate by the Board

Other Official Club Functions

These positions do not have a vote on our board of directors, but routinely attend board meetings to provide updates and input on how the club can work to fulfill its mission.

Jason Beagle

Jason Beagle


The Atlanta Rowing Club’s Para Rowing Program hosts off-site training clinics and provides on-site coaching and support for athletes with cognitive, physical, or visual impairments.

Chris Zurawski

Chris Zurawski


Responsible for organizing boat reservations for regattas; organizing trailer loading and driving.

Alice Kerber

Alice Kerber


Each year, USRowing — the nation’s rowing oversight — encourages rowing clubs to host a free Learn to Row clinic for interested community members. Our National Learn to Row Day coordinator oversees countless volunteers in order to provide nearly 100 participants with an enjoyable experience on land and on the water.

Jason Beagle

Jason Beagle


Learn to Row is our club’s introductory coaching program. The program coordinator oversees a team of coaches and volunteers in addition to going above and beyond to ensure that each participant can enjoy as much time on the water as possible!

Steve  Murphy

Steve Murphy


In addition to storing club boats in one of our facilities, we offer private equipment storage for shells and oars to our club members.



This committee is responsible to organize and run the annual Chattahoochee Sprints in Roswell, GA at the Atlanta Rowing Club boathouse.

Bryce Chung

Bryce Chung


This committee is responsible to develop and implement a long term plan for Atlanta Rowing Club website.

Bring A Topic To A Board Meeting

If you would like to bring a topic to the board for consideration, please click here for instructions on how to do it

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are welcomed by the Board of ARC. If you are interested in presenting ideas, suggestions or feedback to the ARC Board, please submit your items not later than one week prior to the meeting date, in writing, along with background information to under one of the two following headings:

1. Request to present and discuss an idea, suggestion or feedback 
Note:  This suggestion and/or idea should be stated as an action item for a committee or a motion for the ARC to call a vote.


2. Request to present information to the Board with no action or motion to be made 
Note:  This request will need to include how much time you will require to make your presentation.

ARC members are also welcome to attend the monthly ARC Board Meetings. If you would like to attend, RSVP to not later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting you would like to attend.