Volunteer for Double Up


  • Provide sculling hours outside of coached programs
  • Retention of new members
  • Relationship building among members


Utilizing experienced rowers (Level 2 & 3) this initiative serves to provide mentors for novice rowers (new and Level 1 rowers) who desire time on the water outside of coached program hours to improve their technical skills for our safety skills check outs.

There will be several Double Up sessions per week, as dictated by volunteer availability. Each session will include a 1-hour row in a double; the experienced rower will stay in the boat for both hours, while the novice rowers each get one hour of practice. For new or Level 1 members, be on the look out for future announcements with available Double Up dates and times!

Experienced rowers will be encouraged to remain positive with novice rowers. Double Up hours will not coincide with any coached program time and veteran rowers will earn volunteer hours for their time with the novice rowers. The experienced rower will not be expected to attend his/her session if no novice rower has registered by 8pm the night before.

To sign up as either an experienced rower or a novice member, contact facilities[at]atlantarow.org.