Using a Launch

Nine Rules of Motor and Launch Usage

1Gas Cans Match Engines  The gas cans that match each colored motor are stored on the shelves in the center bay of the Cage. Only use the right color tank with the color coordinated engine. This makes it easier to track down where any issue might be coming from.

2Refilling Small Gas Cans  If you need to refill the smaller colored can, the large refill containers are still located in the center of the cage, underneath the shelves. Please do NOT use any of the Westminster or GA State cans they may contain a oil/gas mix and it will mess up our motors.

3Do Not Refill Large Gas Cans  If no gas is in the refill cans please don’t take it upon yourself to fill them unless you talk to Equipment Manager first. We put a special stabilizer in with the gas, to help them run better and not gum up the spark plugs.

4Avoid Sand in Engines  Sucking up sand into the motors really doesn’t help them run better. Sometimes in our river it is hard not to do that, but please do your best to minimize this.

5Flooded Gas Cans  If you find a can of gas floating in the cage after a flood, it is best to not use that can again, until it has been properly cleaned and all water is removed. Water and Gas really don’t mix.

6Storing Refill Cans  Please keep the refill cans in the cage on the second shelf so that if it does flood, number 5 can be avoided.

7A Little Choke is Good  If you are using a motor, push the choke in as soon as the engine warms up. Do not leave the choke switch out the whole time.

8Running Engines  These motors typically run at a slow pace, and really need to be run “wide open” once in awhile. As long as you aren’t in the no-wake zone or waking someone, please take the opportunity to take a stroll up the river with the engine wide open. Your crew will be fine for just a few minute’s waiting for you up/down river.

9Safety Bags  Please make sure you always take a red safety duffel bag with you in the launch. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are in the safety bags as well.

Questions?  Contact the Equipment Manager.