Upper Boathouse

The upper boathouse of the Atlanta Rowing Club houses our larger shells and advanced singles in two boat bays. Upstairs, we have a meeting space, kitchen, and showers that members can use as a meeting space or to freshen up after a long row on the river. Teams and individual rowers can also practice indoors using our ergs and lifting equipment.

Plastic water bottles and soft drink cans

We recycle plastic and aluminum. There are recycling bins in both the upper and lower boathouses. Please be sure to place discards in their respective bins so that we can help to conserve the environment. Roswell city’s recycling service pick up discards regularly.

Garbage Collection

There are trash cans in the upper and lower boathouses that are regularly emptied by a volunteer member. The trash cans are emptied into a larger trash bin outside the upper boathouse. The city of Roswell picks up trash from this bin on a regular basis.

Rowing with a Guest

Members in good standing may host a guest no more than 3 times each year. Guests must be experienced rowers with the appropriate skill level and must sign a waiver form, which is available in a file in the lower boat house by the reservation books. If a guest wishes to accompany you more than three times, we require that they consider either a temporary membership or a full membership.

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