Things To Do First

The ARC membership application process is designed to facilitate the safe and proper use of equipment and our facilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our membership committee chair.

  • Submit ARC member application to the ARC membership committee chair
  • ARC board of directors votes to accept new members
  • New members are contacted by the membership committee chair
  • Attend a mandatory orientation before using club equipment
  • Sign up for a coached program to train with a group
  • Pass a skills test to use equipment without a coach

In order to accommodate members joining on or after September 1, we prorate our fees to by 50%.

Example prorating of fees for adult member with one coached program:

Regular Prorated
Date of membership January 1 September 1
Membership Dues $225 $112.50
Initiation Fee $300 $150
Maintenance Fee 8 hrs/$100 4 hrs/$50
Coaching Program $200 $100

Once You Are a Member

As a new member, there is a lot of information to catch up on. Here, we provide you with a short list to help you explore the resources at Atlanta Rowing Club.


Documents to Read

Places to Go

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