Required Volunteering Hours

Maintenance Hours

Heads up! Each member is required to complete at least 8 hours of volunteering at the boathouse.

These volunteering hours can be used as a credit against the previous year’s maintenance fee and are earned by contributing to ARC work parties, helping with Learn to Row classes, or through other Board-approved work that benefits the club (including serving on the Board). Work credits are given at the beginning of a member’s second calendar year and in subsequent years. Completed work hours can be submitted through the member dashboard.

Note that eight hours are required for each family member who belongs to the ARC (e.g. if a family membership comprises two adults, 16 hours are required for this family).

Hooch Hours

The Head of the Hooch now contends with the Head of the Charles as the nation’s largest two-day fall regatta. As such, successful execution of the regatta is due in large part to the hours volunteered by ARC members every year. The regatta is held in Chattanooga, TN on the first weekend in November (Saturday and Sunday).

Heads up! Each club member is required to volunteer at least 6 hours of service before, during, or after the event.

If a member competes in more than one race, they are required to volunteer at least 8 hours of service. If more than eight hours are served at the Head of the Hooch, additional hours are credited as work credits towards a member’s maintenance fee.

In the case that a member does not fulfill their volunteering requirement, (s)he owes the club $10 for each unfulfilled hour to defer a portion of the cost to hire outside help.

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