Recreational Rowing

Recreational rowing programs offer ARC members a way to get on the water with guidance on their rowing technique. These programs are also in place to help our members increase their sculling skill to pass our sculling checkouts. All members are invited to compete at regattas, even if they are participating in a recreational program.



Wendy Sbarra Barnes

Target Group

This program is open to recent Learn to Row graduates and members that are new to the club.

Program Description

For new members with limited or no prior rowing experience, Novice Masters provides up to one year of entry-level coaching. The focus of this program is to establish a baseline of fundamental skills that are necessary for rowing independently or with a group for both recreational and competitive members.

Members are expected to leave Novice Masters knowing the following skills:

  • General Water Safety
  • Rowing Safety
  • Basic Progression of a Stroke
    • Finish
    • Recovery
    • Catch
    • Drive
  • Pick Drills
    • Arms Only Rowing
    • Arms & Body Rowing
    • Half Slide Rowing
    • Full Slide Rowing (Normal Rowing)
  • Reverse Pick Drills
    • Legs Only Rowing
    • Legs & Body Rowing
    • Full Slide Rowing (Normal Rowing)
  • Pause Drills
  • General Rowing Terminology
    • Directions
    • Equipment
    • Commands and Calls
  • Steering by Pressure
  • Backing Water
  • Stopping a Boat
  • Rowing together at moderate rates (18 – 24 spm)
  • Rigging & derigging a shell

Conditioning & Technique Rowing (CTR)
Club Sweep


Adrian Alonso


Barbara Roden

Target Group

All ARC members, specifically Novice Masters graduates; some rowing experience is required.

Program Description

Like a Sunday walk through the park, our members often enjoy just getting out on the water with a group of other rowers and taking an 8+ down the river. If this sounds enticing, you’ll want to sign up for our Club Sweep group. Meeting twice a week, Club Sweep is a coached program that focuses on taking out large shells (4+’s and 8+’s) for members who want to sweep row. Members looking for a “Club Sculling” program should sign up for On-Demand.

The focus of Club Sweep is to provide members with a way to improve their rowing technique while still maintaining their fitness. Technical drills will build on those already learned in Novice Masters and include exercises such as: “Cutting the Cake” (also known as “Rusty’s”), Stand Up Drills, Inside Hand Rowing, Outside Hand Rowing, Top Quarter Slide Drills, and Feet Out Rowing. The purpose of these drills is to fine-tune the rowing skills of our members.

In addition to focusing on improvements to our members’ technique, Club Sweep also helps our members to maintain their fitness. This is accomplished through mid- to long-distance rows at moderate pressure and low stroke rates as well as short- to mid-distance rows at slightly higher pressure and stroke rates. By varying workout factors such as distance, stroke rate, and pressure our coaches are able to customize a day’s training schedule to the needs of our members.



Wendy Sbarra
Richard Rhodes

Target Group

All ARC members; some sculling experience and/or completion of the LTR program is required.

Program Description

Touted as our most flexible program, On-Demand rowing provides coaching for both recreational and competitive members. Because we understand that our members have busy schedules and may not work at a 9a-5p job, our On-Demand coaches offer hour-long sessions throughout the week at a variety of times. Just like our other programs, members can sign up for no more than 2 sessions each week.

Members that sign up for On-Demand coaching often have their own goals for rowing. Whether you want to take one of our Level 1 singles out once a month or if you want to train with a small group to compete twice a year, our On-Demand coaches can build a customized training schedule to facilitate your achievements.

Because of the flexibility of scheduling for On-Demand, many of our members complement coaching with a recreational or competitive team with this program in order to receive individualized attention to improve on a specific aspect of their stroke.

Signing Up For Coaching Programs

To join a coaching program, follow this link.

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