Our Launch Fleet

Launches are available for use by qualified members. All safety equipment must be in the launch when it is used; the launch’s registration also needs to be on board. The Launch registration’s are stored in the safety bags. And just in case, a fire extinguisher and first aid kit are in there as well.

The engines and the red safety equipment duffel bags (red bags marked “ARC”) are stored in the lower boathouse garage; the “bathroom key” opens that door as well. The color coordinated gas canisters to match each motor are located in on the middle shelf in the back of the Cage, in the center bay. You can refill the smaller coordinated canisters from the larger refill cans located under those shelves. All ARC fuel canisters are marked, so please do not use GA State or Westminster’s. GSU uses a gas/oil mix that will mess up our engines. Please keep the refill containers off the floor in case of floods. All the canisters stored on top of the shelves in the cage are spares and shouldn’t be used. They may or may not have been cleaned properly.

Before using a launch, members must check to see that it is not reserved for use by another team or club member. The launch log book is in the lower boathouse next to the reservation books for our rowing shells. After returning a launch to the boathouse, the duration of use needs to be logged so that we can properly maintain the engines.