Navigating the Chattahoochee

From our boathouse on the Chattahoochee river we can row about two miles upstream until the GA400 bridge, and about four miles downstream to Morgan Falls Dam.

We share this river with five other rowing clubs, with the canoe & kayak club, and with many fishing and pleasure boats, not to mention all the “stuff” that comes floating downstream – please stay in the proper rowing channels, and look around often! Collisions can be very serious and can cause great bodily harm.

Check current conditions (fog, water level and wind) through our webcam at the boathouse.

The map below shows obstacles and key traffic patterns. These are moving obstacles, so don’t assume you know where exactly they are. Also, varying water levels will expose more or less of these obstacles and great care must be taken to steer a course that stays away from them.

If it looks busy, that’s because it is – be careful, and look around often!

Distances & Area Names

Hooch Map 3-25-2013 Click image to enlarge it.

Traffic Areas & Sandbars

  Click image to enlarge it.

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