Member How-To

Activate your account & change your password

All ARC members should have been transferred from the old member database. Users logging in for the first time will need to request a password.


Activate Your Account

Navigate to “Manage Account” under “Quick Links” to the right of the website.


Request a Password

Select “Request a Password” and click “Find My Account”. A temporary password will be sent to your email address that we have on file. When you receive the temporary password, return to the “Manage Account” link.


Login to Member Dashboard

The email address where you received the temporary password will be your username for the website. Enter this email address in the “Email” field. Return to the email with the temporary password and copy it into the “Password” field. You can copy the password from the email by highlighting it with your mouse and press “Ctrl” + “C” together — this will copy the password to your computer’s memory. Return to the login page on the club’s website and click in the “Password” field to activate it. You can then past the password by pressing “Ctrl” + “V” together. Click “Login”.


Change Your Password

Under the “About” tab, change your password to something meaningful to you. Verify your account information under the “About” tab and feel free to add more information in your “Profile” tab. Navigate to “Member Dashboard” under “Quick Links” to the right of the website and explore the club’s new tools!

VolunteerHours-Members-1Navigate to the Member Dashboard using the Quick Links to the right of the page.
VolunteerHours-Members-2Click the Manage Volunteer Hours icon on the Member Dashboard.
VolunteerHours-Members-3Click the Submit New Service Hours link above the tabs on the Manage Volunteer Hours page.

Complete the form and click Submit Hours.

Upon completion, instructions will appear at the top of the form explaining how to proceed.

You will receive a confirmation email verifying that your submission is received.

VolunteerHours-Members-5Click the Overview tab to see your current service hours summary. This is the default tab when you first visit the page.
VolunteerHours-Members-6Click the History tab to view a summary of your service hours for the past four years including the current calendar year.

Click the My History Detail link to see all of your service hour submissions in the database.

To see your history summary, click the My Summary link.

Having problems signing in?

If you are having trouble signing in, please contact the system administrator at webmaster[at] or by filling out this form:


What can the new website do?


Here’s your one-stop shop! The new member dashboard provides each member with the tools they need to be an integral part in keeping the club run smoothly. The Member Dashboard provides you with a way to look up members from a certain group (i.e. A Team or Coach) and to contact other club members (see below for more details).

You can also use the Contact the Club to find out how to get in touch with a committee chair or other leaders in the club. The Reservation System acts as a terminal for club members to hold, sign in, and sign out a shell. The other tools are forms that allow members to coordinate check outs, team changes, equipment damage, regatta registration, and volunteer hours tracking. Upon submission, these forms send the information to committee chairs and members that are responsible for handling these tasks.


The Member Directory provides our club with a quick way to find groups or individuals. You can quickly search for someone using the “Search” box.

Or you can click “Options” to use criteria to filter your search.
Once you find the person you’re looking for, click their business card and use the tabs at the top of the page to contact or find out more about them.

We’ve integrated several calendars throughout the website for our members. These calendars offer an easy way to see when our facilities and equipment are available and to coordinate practices with teammates. For members who need access to set up schedules or coordinate events, relevant calendars will show up with the option to create a new event.

Members will see an option to add events if they have been set up with administrative privileges for that calendar.
To add an event, first fill in the fields under the “Event Setup” tab and then click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the page. Be sure to select the appropriate “Event Group” if only certain members should be able to access your event. Indicating an event as “Public” will display it on the club’s public calendar and anyone will be able to access your event. In addition to the typical information fields for the event, you can also upload an image and provide a full-length description of the activity.
The next prompt allows you to create “Tickets” for the event. This option provides a way for people to register for the event. You can create a free ticket by leaving the “Cost” field blank. This way, you will have a head count of how many people will attend as well as a way to get in touch with them! If there is a limit to the number of people that can attend, this is also a good place to do that.
In addition to creating tickets, you can set a registration start and end date. This will allow you to create an event well ahead of time, but only allow people to sign up after a certain date.
Once you’ve completed filling out the necessary information, you can view the status of registrations and ticketing using the event “Dashboard.” This pane will also allow you to export event information to Excel (as a CSV file) or even to QuickBooks! Clicking the “Cancel Event & Refund All” button will do just that — so be careful when you’re clicking around.
If you need to send out a communication to everyone attending the event, simply use the “Email” option.

The calendars tool also provides a quick way that members can register for events, whether it be for practice or a meeting. Administrators simply create a ticket for the event. Members wishing to attend the event can then register. All members who sign up for the event can also be easily contacted by the administrator through the calendar admin interface.

Scroll over an event to view its summary. Click on that event to see registration options and more information.
Click “Register” to sign up for an event.
Provide any additional information and indicate the number of people that will be joining you, then finish the registration process!

Each coached program has its own calendar of events that can be used to manage sign ups and correspondences about practice.

Follow the “Coaching Schedule” link on your Member Dashboard.
You will see a calendar of all of our coached practices that use our club calendars to coordinate practices. Events are color coded by team. Find the On-Demand session you would like to sign up for.
Follow the instructions for how to register for an event in the “Easy-to-Use Calendars” tab under “Register for an Event.”
Follow the “Schedule a Checkout” link on your Member Dashboard.
You will see a calendar of pre-scheduled checkouts. Find an event time that works for you.
Follow the instructions for how to register for an event in the “Easy-to-Use Calendars” tab under “Register for an Event.”
Note that checkout registration is limited to members that are eligible for that checkout. Thus, members who have already passed a checkout level will not be able to sign up for a checkout session. In addition, members will not be able to sign up for an advanced checkout level without the consent of a coach. Also note that checkouts scheduled outside of the sessions posted on the club Checkout calendar may incur an additional fee.

For more information about checkouts or scheduling a checkout contact coaching[at]

Site administrators can click here for a how-to guide.