Home Turf Scrimmage – July 23rd

This year the Atlanta Rowing Club will hold its inaugural Home Turf Scrimmage on July 23rd starting at 8:00 AM. This goal of this race is to bring racing back to the Chattahoochee River and to build a better sense of community within the club. The scrimmage will be open to all ARC members. Come out to the boathouse, race, watch racing, eat lunch and more. Proceeds from the scrimmage to go to benefit the Chattahoochee Nature Center.

The format of this race will be similar to a Henley Style regatta. Each flight will only have 2 boats. It will start just past the end of Azalea Park and race upstream to finish at ARC’s lower boathouse. The distance will be roughly 1,000m. The course will be buoyed with two lanes and staggered stake boats to account for the bend in the course at the end of the park. For each event, all times will be compiled from all flights to determine placement in each event. Handicaps will be taken into account using USRowing’s Handicap Calculator.

Registration closes July 22nd at 6:00 PM.


Racing will be held from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM followed by a lunch at the boathouse.

The entry fee for will be $5 per person per event payable online or via check.

When you register, the online form will ask for your line up and boat preferences. The lineup does not have to be perfect but a best guess. Boat preferences will be used to assign boats to crews.

If you plan to register for multiple events, leave at least 3 events between the events you sign up for to ensure there is enough turn around time to make the next event. For example, if you’re in event 1, you can’t enter events 2 -4 but you can enter event 5.




Schedule of Events

Event # Time Event Register Entries
1 8:30 AM Men’s 1x Register 7
2 9:00 AM Women’s 2x Register 2
3 8:45 AM Men’s 4x Register 0
4 9:30 AM Women’s 4+ Register 2
5 10:00  AM Men’s 2x Register 2
6 10:10 AM Women’s 1x Register 0
7 10:20 AM Men’s 4+ Register 0
8 10:30 AM Women’s 4x Register 2
9 11:00 AM Rec Race* Register 8


***NEW TO RACING?***: If you are newer to rowing and would like to race in a larger boat, enter the Rec Race event. On race day, boat line ups will be selected from this pool of entries at random and placed into 8+’s or 4x’s to race each other. This is a very informal event intended for everyone to be able to row in larger boats.


The Course:

Home Turf Course


The course will be roughly 1,000 meters beginning just downstream of the end of the park and will run upstream on the right side of the river. There will be a slight bend in the river accounted for by staggering the stake boats