Rowing Scholarships

To encourage young adults to join the club in order to integrate new members with a potential to provide future ARC leadership, as well as to bring more experienced and competitive rowers into the club.


This sponsorship covers the initiation fee to join ARC and the membership dues (including coaching fees) for the remainder of the first year, plus the full next year period (about 18 months total). Full sponsorship value is $1,050.

The sponsored recipients must work off the required Maintenance hours (8) and Hooch hours (6) and additional hours assisting with Learn to Row (8) during each of the 2 two years that the 18 months span.

Upon completion of the 18-month sponsorship, candidates are fully initiated into ARC and will be expected to pay regular annual dues.


The sponsorship is available to young adults who have rowed in college or equivalent, are younger than 27 years of age, and who are interested in continuing to row.

Sponsored recipients are expected to participate in a minimum of 1 coaching program at ARC (meeting the programs requirements) and attending a minimum of 1 practice per week with that program.

Sponsored recipients are expected to race under the banner of ARC at a minimum of 4 regattas (per year or per 18-month period). Sponsored recipients are not prohibited from racing under other banners, however they should email sponsorship[at] in advance of those instances and hardships.

Sponsored recipients shall report their ARC activities either via phone or email (sponsorship[at] at the close of each quarter during the 18-month sponsorship (Summer-6/30, Fall-9/30, Winter-12/31 and Spring-3/31). Activities reported shall include volunteer hours worked, races participated in, and club/team raced under, and attendance at ARC coached programs.


The applicants for this program are asked to provide a listing of their accomplishments as a rower, demonstration of financial need, an essay on what rowing means to you, and a coach’s letter of recommendation. The application must be submitted to the ARC Sponsorship Selection Committee, by April 15. Members can fill out and submit an application through the membership dashboard.


The ARC Sponsorship Selection Committee consists of Scott Weiss (primary donor) and four ARC club members. All candidates will be scheduled for an interview, and then notified if they were selected by May 30, following approval by the ARC Board.

For questions, please contact sponsorship[at]