Coaching Programs

Members of the Atlanta Rowing Club have access to a variety of coached programs in order to facilitate their rowing goals. Meeting twice each week, our coached programs focus on different levels of both recreational and competitive training. For aspiring rowers who have no previous experience, our Learn to Row classes offer an introduction to the sport of rowing across a 4-week or 2-week series of classes. Once you’ve completed a Learn to Row course and realize that you’ve fallen in love with rowing, you can become an annual member of the Atlanta Rowing Club and have year-round access to our facilities and equipment.

Signing Up For Coaching Programs

To join a coaching program, please click here.

Participation in any annual coaching program is $200 per calendar year.  Coaching for Temporary membership is for 3 months and costs $100. If you move up from one coached program to another during the same calendar year, you do not need to pay an additional coaching fee.

Moving from one coached program to another is at the discretion of team coaches based on a) Safety & Skills Review Level requirements & b) your individual readiness to move into a new team. Please contact the Coaching Chair  ( to request to move from one team to another.

Checks are payable to ARC and should be sent to the treasurer, at the beginning of your coaching:

Atlanta Rowing Club
P.O. Box 500937
ATLANTA, GA 31150-0937

Available Coaching Programs

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In order to facilitate your new lifestyle, we offer a Novice Masters program that focuses on technique and basic conditioning. Members that prefer to row recreationally can move up into our On-Demand Sweep & Sculling program. On-Demand Sweep will focus on basic conditioning and technique in sweep boats. On-Demand Sculling  will focus on sculling. Members in the On-Demand coaching program can attend sculling and/or sweep practices.  Dates for available coaching sessions are scheduled 1 month in advance. On-Demand Sweep is a 2 hour practice. On-Demand Sculling is a 1 hour coaching session designed for small groups of like-skilled rowers. In addition, we also have an adaptive rowing program for people with intellectual, physical, or visual impairments.

In rowing…
I found a sport that demanded some skill, granted, but placed a much higher premium on plain hard work and persistence.
Harry Parker

Many of our members join rowing to compete at a regional, national, and international level. Our coached programs are designed to help you work your way towards that gold medal! The Competitive Masters program offers members an introduction to training at a competitive level as well as the basic rules of racing. Once you’ve got a good handle on what it takes to race and if you would like to pursue a higher level of competition, we offer Men’s Competitive and Women’s Competitive teams. All three of these programs focus their training on 1000 meter racing pieces in the spring and 5000 meter racing pieces in the fall. These teams mainly compete in masters categories, which adjust course times based on age in order to award medals. For our members that want to compete on a longer course in the spring, we offer a Club Competitive program. This team competes in 2000 meter races in the spring and 5000 meter races in the fall. Club Competitive is our most attractive program for most experienced collegiate rowers that join our club.