Classifications for Adaptive Athletes

In order to group athletes with similar capabilities together in racing, the International Rowing Federation (FISA) has created classifications for adaptive athletes. An official classification is only needed for athletes who wish to compete in a regatta.

TA (Trunk and Arms) Rowers unable to use a sliding seat are considered TA participants. Typical disabilities include bilateral knee amputation or a complete lesion at vertebrate L3.
AS (Arms and Shoulders) Individuals with lesions at vertebrate T12 or cerebral palsy class 4 are included in the AS category and typically have minimal or no trunk function.
LTA (Legs, Trunk, Arms) LTA-PD (physical disability) participants typically have a minimal disability of amputation, incomplete lesion at vertebrate S1, or cerebral palsy class 8. LTA-B classification is reserved for individuals with a minimum of 10% visual impairment.
Cognitive Impairment

For more details, see USRowing Classification Guidelines and FISA Adaptive Rowing Classification Guidelines.

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