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Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

Members of the Atlanta Rowing Club have access to a variety of coached programs in order to facilitate their rowing goals. Meeting twice each week, our coached programs focus on different levels of both recreational and competitive training. For aspiring rowers who have no previous experience, our Learn to Row classes offer an introduction to

Coaching for Adaptive Rowing

Adaptive rowing provides athletes with cognitive, physical, and visual impairments an opportunity to get on the water and learn how to row. At the Atlanta Rowing Club, we offer both recreational and competitive coaching for adaptive rowers. However, it is on a limited basis. Signing Up For Coaching Programs Questions about our coached programs or

Competitive Teams

Competitive teams at the Atlanta Rowing Club practice on a regular schedule and attend regattas in both the spring and fall seasons. These programs are designed to build team morale and rower strength and endurance. Please email with any questions. Open Enrollment for Rosters An open enrollment period is held twice a year: June-July

Recreational Rowing

Recreational rowing programs offer ARC members a way to get on the water with guidance on their rowing technique. These programs are also in place to help our members increase their sculling skill to pass our sculling checkouts. All members are invited to compete at regattas, even if they are participating in a recreational program.