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2016 Hooch Double Volunteer Hours

Earn Double Your HOOCH HOURS by doing these volunteer jobs. The following jobs count for ARC “double hours” (work 3 hours, get 6 hours credit). Parking Jobs Venue Set-up (look under Pre-regatta jobs) Merchandise Set-upĀ (look under Pre-regatta jobs) Merchandise Take-down (look under Post-regatta jobs)   Any Hooch Volunteer Hours over 6 counts towards ARC Volunteer

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Head Of The Hooch Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration Volunteer Registration opens Oct 1, 2016 @3:01am CLICK HERE to find volunteer positions All volunteer jobs will be a “sign-up application” only. What is the Hooch? The Head of the Hooch is the nation’s second largest fall regatta All adult and para ARC members are required to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours

Head of the Hooch Regatta

Hooch Dates 2016 Head of the Hooch Regatta: November 5-6, 2016. Volunteer Opportunities: Nov 3 – Nov 6, 2016. Regatta Volunteer Registration begins Oct 1, 2016 @3:01am. ALL boat reservations for ARC teams and individual ARC members should be submitted through the ARC Hooch Entry Request form, here. What is Head of the Hooch? The