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Using An Erg

Using An Erg

Using An Erg Ergs are available and we know you’ll work hard on them – PLEASE wipe all your sweat off the equipment and from the padding underneath when you’re done. Your fellow members will appreciate your consideration. Place the handle against the wheel when you’re finished. Do NOT leave the handle in the temporary

Upper Boathouse

The upper boathouse of the Atlanta Rowing Club houses our larger shells and advanced singles in two boat bays. Upstairs, we have a meeting space, kitchen, and showers that members can use as a meeting space or to freshen up after a long row on the river. Teams and individual rowers can also practice indoors

Lower Boathouse

The lower boathouse is our switchboard for equipment use. It houses many personal singles. Our members can reserve a shell and track their use in our log books. Our coached teams also store their safety equipment in the lower boathouse garage.

The Cage

The cage provides storage for additional personal and club singles and doubles. It also serves as a storage area for gas tanks, dock rowers, and other various items. Just in front of the cage is a set of permanent boat slings for members to hold their boat while they are preparing to row.

Boat Storage

Atlanta Rowing Club members owning their own shells can store their shells in one of our boathouses. Storage fees apply on an annual basis: Shell Annual Fee Single $150 Double $225 Triple $275 Four $300 Eight $500 We maintain waiting lists for both new rack space as well as for better rack space. The allocation


This is a view of the ARC Dock area¬†using a webcam installed on the lower¬†boathouse. This provides the ability to check weather (fog & wind) and river (water level & chop) conditions to determine suitability for rowing.   A live stream is now available at, Azalea Park Dock. We have an embedded solution to show