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8+ | Eights As the largest rowing shell in a fleet, the 8+ (eight) is about 60 feet long and carries eight rowers and a coxswain. In this boat, many say that the power house sits in the middle four seats while the rhythm is set by the stroke pair (last two seats). The bow

General Safety Guidelines

We ask our members to be aware of their surroundings and keep safe rowing in mind while on the river. The stretch of river between the GA-400 bridge to the Morgan Falls Dam is a very popular area for water recreation and can quickly become congested. Stuff happens… First of all: consult the ARC’s ‘Safety

Slow Traffic Zones

Rowing at high speeds through narrow passage ways or in high traffic areas can result in collisions. It is important to remember to slow down in the areas outlined below to avoid disaster! Move at slow speed by the docks and to the downstream end of the park. Shells will be launching and docking, and


Because it is very difficult and dangerous, never land on the dock with the current; instead, approach the dock against the current. Since you will be rowing in the wrong, that is the downstream, rowing channel when you’re docking that way, use extreme caution and cross the river as close to the dock, that is


Since our docks are located in the downstream rowing channel, and since the growing sandbars and the low water level are making this channel very narrow, please launch with your shell pointing downstream. If you want to row upstream, row downstream first, then round the sandbar to row upstream on the other (south) side of

Water Conditions

Water Levels can vary greatly – the Morgan Falls site shows the current level (Gauge Height) at Morgan Falls, which is a good, but not perfect indication of the levels downstream of the ARC docks. The amount of the sand bar showing downstream of the island is a good indication of the downstream sandbar situation.

Navigating the Chattahoochee

From our boathouse on the Chattahoochee river we can row about two miles upstream until the GA400 bridge, and about four miles downstream to Morgan Falls Dam. We share this river with five other rowing clubs, with the canoe & kayak club, and with many fishing and pleasure boats, not to mention all the “stuff”

Using a Launch

Nine Rules of Motor and Launch Usage 1Gas Cans Match Engines  The gas cans that match each colored motor are stored on the shelves in the center bay of the Cage. Only use the right color tank with the color coordinated engine. This makes it easier to track down where any issue might be coming from.

Our Launch Fleet

Launches are available for use by qualified members. All safety equipment must be in the launch when it is used; the launch’s registration also needs to be on board. The Launch registration’s are stored in the safety bags. And just in case, a fire extinguisher and first aid kit are in there as well. The


You’ll find sculling oars in the lower boathouse, and sweep oars in the upper boathouse. All the club sculling oars are stored on the wall between the office door and the garage door – please do not use any of the private oars stored on the other walls of the building. Notice that those private