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Bring Topic To Board Meeting

Bring Topic To Board Meeting

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are welcomed by the Board of ARC. If you are interested in presenting ideas, suggestions or feedback to the ARC Board, please submit your items not later than one week prior to the meeting date, in writing, along with background information to secretary@atlantarow.org under one of the two following headings:

ARC’s Purpose

… to teach and train oarsmen and oarswomen without preference to race, creed, religion, or color. The purpose of the Atlanta Rowing Club is to be a non-profit organization formed and maintained to promote the sport of rowing. Started in 1974 by a small group of athletes to accommodate their need to row. Since then,

ARC’s Character

As an organization based on volunteers, we depend on the efforts of our members in order to provide them with the facilities and equipment they need to pursue their rowing aspirations. It takes quite a few good souls willing to take time away from work, family and sundry projects to keep all those little (and

Board of Directors

Five officers, called the executive committee, are elected by the general membership in January of each year. Once elected, they approve committee chairs nominated by the President. The board meets once a month (see the calendar) and members are welcome to sit in on these meetings. If you would like to participate in the meeting


Committee Chairs Committee Chairs help to run the Atlanta Rowing Club on a day-to-day basis and sit on the board as voting members. Each committee chair can recruit other members to fulfill their responsibilities. Volunteers are at the core of our club and we encourage members to make part of the boathouse their own by