Bring Topic To Board Meeting

Your ideas, suggestions and feedback are welcomed by the Board of ARC. If you are interested in presenting ideas, suggestions or feedback to the ARC Board, please submit your items not later than one week prior to the meeting date, in writing, along with background information to under one of the two following headings:

1. Request to present and discuss an idea, suggestion or feedback
Note:  This suggestion and/or idea should be stated as an action item for a committee or a motion for the ARC to call a vote.


2. Request to present information to the Board with no action or motion to be made
Note:  This request will need to include how much time you will require to make your presentation.

ARC members are also welcome to attend the monthly ARC Board Meetings. If you would like to attend, RSVP to not later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting you would like to attend.

Here are the deadline dates to RSVP for future 2015 ARC Board Meetings:

  • RSVP deadline Thursday, April 9th
    Meeting: Thursday, April 16th
    6:30PM at McAlister’s Deli – Plaza at Roswell Shopping Center, 1425 Market Blvd #1370, Roswell, GA (770) 594-3220

  • RSVP deadline Monday, May 11th

    Meeting: Monday, May 18

  • RSVP deadline Tuesday, June 9th

    Meeting: Tuesday, June 16

  • RSVP deadline Wednesday, July 8th

    Meeting: Wednesday, July 15th

  • RSVP deadline Thursday, August 6th

    Meeting: Thursday, August 13th

  • RSVP deadline Monday, September 7th

    Meeting: Monday, September 14th

  • RSVP deadline Tuesday, October 9th

    Meeting: Tuesday, October 13th

  • RSVP deadline Wednesday, November 11

    Meeting: Wednesday, November 18th

  • RSVP deadline Thursday, December 3rd

    Meeting: Thursday, December 10th