Board of Directors

Five officers, called the executive committee, are elected by the general membership in January of each year. Once elected, they approve committee chairs nominated by the President. The board meets once a month (see the calendar) and members are welcome to sit in on these meetings. If you would like to participate in the meeting and bring up a particular item, please send a request to president[at]

Club Goals

Our executive committee members set the tone and vision for the club each year.

Committee Oversight

Each Ex-Com member is in charge of overseeing and reporting on the operations of standing committees such as Coaching, Facilities, Membership, or Equipment.


The President oversees our club’s board of directors and works closely with the other executive committee members to fulfill the mission of our organization. The President manages the Legal Committee as well as the Head of the Hooch Regatta Committee.

Bryce Chung


The First Vice-President oversees our Coaching Committee, effectively managing coached programs including adaptive, competitive, introductory, and recreational. The First Vice-President also oversees the coordination of equipment for racing as well as trailer logistics.

Dwight Hakim


The club’s Second Vice-President manages our Facilities Committee and Equipment Committee. This includes boathouse maintenance, shell repair, launch & engine maintenance, dock upkeep, and private equipment storage assignment for shells and oars.

Charlie Freed


Our Treasurer maintains club accounting records and bank accounts, processes payments and reimbursement, and manages the organization’s budget. In addition, the Treasurer oversees our Membership Committee.

Dixie Wilson


The Secretary records minutes at board meetings and is responsible for maintaining club records and documents, sign-out and reservation books. In addition, the Secretary oversees the Social Committee and Communications Committee.

Chris Zurawski

In addition to the five elected officers of the club, the voting board includes several committee chairs that coordinate volunteers for projects around the club.

If you would like to bring a topic to the board for consideration, please click here for instructions on how to do it