Becoming an ARC Member

How To Join Atlanta Rowing Club

In order to join Atlanta Rowing Club, you need to have significant prior rowing experience or have completed a Learn To Row program. The ARC membership application process is designed to facilitate the safe and proper use of equipment and our facilities.

Membership Fees

Members of the Atlanta Rowing Club pay annual membership dues plus additional fees depending on the programs and services they wish to participate in. Learn More About Membership Types and Fees

Several Rowing Options

We offer our members several rowing options to suit the needs of different levels of experience and fitness. Members with no experience can join the club once they’ve taken a Learn to Row class and attend a member orientation. From there, they can row recreationally in either On-Demand or our Conditioning & Technique Rowing (CTR) group. In these programs, members are required to fulfill at least Level 1 checkout requirements to row on their own. Before advancing to a competitive team, all members must be checked out to at least Level 2. For members wishing to row competitively, we have two teams: A Team and R Team. Below you’ll find a visual representation of how our members progress through our coached programs.