2016 Hooch Registration

About Hooch

Atlanta Rowing Club members need to sign in to see the Entry Request Committee and Entry Request Form at the bottom of this page.

Dates & Deadlines



Early ARC Entry Request Deadline Tues, 9/15 @ 12:00P
Late ARC Entry Request Fee Applies Tues, 9/15 @ 12:01P

Entry Fees

ARC Entry Confirmations Posted Sat, 10/1
Entry Fees Due to ARC Treasurer Mon, 10/10




Line Ups

USRowing Waiver Due Fri, 11/4 @ 11:59PM. HOTH Last Day to Change Line-UpsFri, 11/4 @ 11:59PM.

ARC Hooch Entry Request Submission

Atlanta Rowing Club members are required to submit a Hooch Entry Request form in order to race at the Head of the Hooch regatta. Any entry that is submitted to RegattaCentral without an ARC Entry Request will be cancelled at the cost of the listed individual on RegattaCentral.

Information Needed to Complete Hooch Entry Request Form

  • Primary contact information
  • Head of the Hooch event number and event name
  • Name of rowers in your line up
  • Name(s) of preferred shell(s)
  • Color/number(s) of preferred oar(s)

To submit an Entry Request Form, scroll down to the bottom of the page and review the Hooch Registration Committee — these are your primary contacts for any questions. Click on the “Instructions” tab and review the submission instructions. Then, click on the “Entry Request Form” to view and complete the form.

Late ARC Entry Requests

ARC Entry Requests that are received after the deadline indicated above will be penalized a $25 fee and will be assigned equipment based on availability AFTER early entries are assigned in order to fairly allocate our club equipment.

In order to submit multiple entry requests, simply fill out and submit the form multiple times. If an individual would like to race in multiple events, please indicate this using the radio buttons in “Entry Information.” Indicate the priority of your entry request for each event and then indicate that you would like to register for your second or third choice events using the respective radio buttons. An individual ARC member can only submit one first choice, one second choice, and one third choice.

Team captains can submit multiple first choice entries to be considered of the same priority for a team provided that the entries have different line ups. If an individual has more than three races that they would like to enter, submit an Entry Request Form for ALL events assigning the top two events with priority 1 and 2, respectively — all other events should have a third choice priority. Then, contact the boat captain directly at boatcaptain[at]atlantarow.org to notify them of your multiple entries.

You are required to pay the entry fee to one of the Hooch Registration Committee members listed above. Checks should be made payable to “Atlanta Rowing Club.” Any payment left unresolved at the end of the regatta will be charged to your membership account.

Payments after the entry fee deadline indicated above will incur a late payment fee of $50.00 to the Atlanta Rowing Club. If you do not pay your fee by race time your entry will be cancelled and you will have to pay the cancellation and scratch fees in addition to the late payment fee of $50.00 to ARC.

You are responsible to notify a Hooch Registration Committee member of your cancellation. You can also notify the Hooch boat captain at hooch.boatcaptain[at]atlantarow.org. In addition, you are responsible for the cancellation fee and the scratch fee. Any fees that are incurred due to your cancellation will be charged to your member account.

Because of the volunteering requirement, most members choose to race in at least one event. To see what volunteering opportunities are available and to sign up for your volunteering time slot, see Hooch Volunteering Information. Note that shifts are assigned on a first come, first served basis. So, SIGN UP EARLY!

All Atlanta Rowing Club members are required to volunteer at least 6 hours at the Head of the Hooch regardless of whether or not they race.

Any Atlanta Rowing Club entry not submitted by the Hooch Registration Committee will be cancelled at the expense of the member who submitted it. Because of restrictions on the number of entries per club in each event, ARC pools entries from all members to ensure that our members’ needs are met equitably. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the club’s boat captain at boatcaptain[at]atlantarow.org

Atlanta Rowing Club members SHOULD NOT register their own entries online.

The Head of the Hooch requires that all athletes are registered with USRowing and provide a USRowing Member Number as part of the line-up registration process. Be sure that your USRowing membership is affiliated with the Atlanta Rowing Club and that your Hooch Entry Committee member has your USRowing number.


For more information about signing up for a USRowing membership, visit USRowing – Join.


For more information about getting your USRowing member number or signing a USRowing waiver, visit USRowing – Members Only.


Additional Regatta Information

For more information about the Head of the Hooch, visit Atlanta Rowing Club – Head of the Hooch Regatta.


Hooch Entry Request Committee & Form

Please contact your Hooch Registration Committee member with any questions or concerns based on the coached program you are in. You may also contact the boat captain at hooch.boatcaptain[at]atlantarow.org.

A Team Will Coherty
Shawn Connell
R Team Laurie Cotton-Smith
Grace Teborek Olsen
Competitive Masters Angelica Zeller
CTR Wendy Sbarra Barnes
On-Demand Wendy Sbarra Barnes
Individual Entries
(Unaffiliated with Coached Program)
Laurie Cotton-Smith

To view the Hooch Entry Request Form, click the “Entry Request Form” tab.

Steps to complete the 2016 Hooch Entry Request Form:

  1. Complete the Member Information section
  2. Complete the Entry Information section
  3. Complete the Line Up Information section
  4. Complete the Equipment Information Section
  5. Read the Terms of Agreement and check the agreement box to indicate that you have read the terms.
  6. Type your first and last name into the agreement text box.
  7. Click “Submit Entry Request”

To ensure an efficient and expedited process for all Atlanta Rowing Club members and the entry request committee, we STRONGLY encourage all forms to be submitted online. For a printed version of the form, click here and fill out ONLY THE SECOND PAGE. Note that the form must be received by the Hooch Boat Captain by the deadline indicated at the top of this page. The form can be left in the mailbox in the lower boathouse or emailed to hooch.boatcaptain[at]atlantarow.org.